Do you like to brush off a hard day of zoom school with a glass, ok, more than one, of wine? You are not alone. This year has been beyond challenging, with a profound heaviness weighing on the shoulders and mental health of moms.

If you love a good glass of Malbec, then CBD might be right for you too. CBD (the non-psycho active ingredient in Cannabis) has long been taboo and illegal in most countries around the world. Many rules and regulations are based off long standing beliefs that using CBD, cannabis, marijuana, weed – what ever you want to call it- was only used by criminals. Much of this information was made up to oppress users & certain cultural backgrounds.

Due to this belief and actual regulations in many countries, it still has a stigma attached to its use especially for women and mothers.

The legal regulated CBD and/or Cannabis that is available today, isn’t like what you smoked behind bleachers in high school growing up. It is cultivated carefully and purposefully. You can chose the strain and the exact ratios of CDB to THC to ensure it’s right for you. CBD is calming and non-intoxicating, while THC is intoxicating. Each have their own benefits, properties and purpose for use. Neither is better than the other – only finding what works best for you.

Choosing the right strain and dosage can help reduce pain and inflammation, stabilize your mood, decrease anxiety and help you be more present in your kids zoom school life ? Wait, do I want to be more present in their zoom school?

CBD and Cannabis is as important to your overall health as the vegetables you eat. Neither wine nor CBD or cannabis usage makes you a bad mother, CBD and/or cannabis can help you relieve chronic pain, anxiety or depression so you can be more present for your kids , your partner and even at work. With the right guidance to this highly personal herb, you can take control to become an active participant in your own health and help restore balance within your mind and body.