Do I Have To Smoke Cannabis?

Definitely NOT! There are many ways to consume Cannabis, if you don’t want to smoke flower or a vape pen, and you can also use oils, drops, sublingual sprays, edibles including cookies, gummies and drinks. Each have their own transit and onset time. But all are equally as effective to feel the effects.

Will I Get High? How Will CBD Make Me Feel?

Todays Cannabis isn’t like what you smoked behind the school growing up. It is cultivated carefully and purposefully. Your chance of getting high or intoxicated depends on the ratio of CBD to THC (cannabidiol to Tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD is non psychoactive, meaning the more you have compared to THC, the less high you will feel. Vice Versa, THC is psychoactive, meaning the more THC you have, the more high you will get. If you use cannabis that is CBD dominant, you will not feel any psychoactive effects. You will just feel a sense of calm. Almost comparable to taking a pain killer for a headache, often the effect that is felt with CBD is the absence of the pain or stressor.

How Do I Know What Ratio I Am Using To Get The Desired Effect?

Back in the day, users thought that getting high was the ultimate goal, and many strains were grown to reduce CBD and increase THC. This would get you very high. Over the years as medical marijuana has become legal in more places, growers realized the medicinal potential was in the CBD. In Canada there are very specific labeling requirements on packaging, one of which is to give the amount of milligrams or percentages of each CBD and THC. Depending on your therapeutic needs, uses and experience, I would teach you how to figure out the best ratio to give you the best results for your individual needs.

How Much Should I Use If I Can’t Sleep? Have Pain? Don’t Want To Yell At My Kids All Day?

Well, It’s not that easy, one size does not fit all. Cannabis use is a very personal experience and everyone has their own needs and reason for using. One woman may find CBD dominant strain through a vape pen is what she needs to get through the day, while another woman may need a balanced approach with a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio to help her cope with stress or pain. This is where I can help. Book a 40 min Discovery call to find out how I can help you!

Can’t I Just Go To A Store And Ask A Budtender For Help?

First, what is a budtender? A budtender is a person who works at a cannabis shop. To work at a cannabis shop, you must take a course put out by the province, in Ontario it’s called CanSell, this is similar to Ontario’s alcohol serving certificate Smart Serve. Budtenders can tell you about products, but they cannot recommend nor are they allowed to help you dose product based on health concerns.